Fantom server AWS AMI image

I made a simple public Fantom server stack Aws EC2 AMI(instance image)

AMI id: ami-16e96326

It is available in the AWS store here :

I kept it pretty basic because that makes it simpler to customize.

What's in it:
  • Started with the "official" Debian 6 AMI then updated it (01/28/12)
  • Added Sun Jdk 6 (from standard debian repo)
  • Added Nginx (0.7.x from standard debian repo)
  • Create a Fantom user (no shell) to run the Fantom server process(draft) on port 8080
  • Configured Nginx to proxy from HTTP port 80 to Fantom on port 8080
  • Added an init script(/etc/init.d/fantom) that starts the fantom server as the fantom user

Here are the EBS volumes (partitions) contained:

  • /dev/sda1 - 6GB (/) : OS partition
  • /dev/sdb1 - 4GB (/data/) : Data partition owned by the fantom user (Fantom server data)

Note that you can easily resize them as needed.

Starting an instance:

Go and login into to Amazon web services EC2:

Choose "launch instance" and search for the "Fantom server" ami (ami-16e96326) and deploy it to a server of your choice.

During deployment you should choose or create a ssh key pair, do it and download it

You can start with the quickstart security group, but what's needed is inbound TCP SSH(22) and HTTP(80)

Once the instance is running in EC2 you can try it, for example:
replace "" by your actual instance host name.


You can ssh to it once you instal the previously downloaded key pair:
mv ~/Downloads/mykey.pem ~/.ssh/
chmod 400 ~/.ssh/mykey.pem
ssh-add mykey.pem

Enjoy !

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