Large Lego Table made from Ikea parts

Last year I built a standing desk from Ikea parts that has become very popular online(who knew ?).

This year I decided to surprise the kids with a large Lego table for Christmas. Also while my wife is not always excited about the looks of the things I build, but she has liked the Ikea Expedit builds so far, so I stuck to that.

Note that while the standing desk was 100% Ikea parts, this builds uses a few pieces of 2x4 and some moulding and glue, nothing complicated though.


So basically the main things I wanted:
  • Use Expedit parts.
  • Make that table pretty large for large projects, although you could make it any size.
  • Have a proper table height for the kids (6 and 8). Top of table is about 26'' .
  • have Lego storage built-in.
  • Have "borders" around so Legos won't fall off and get eaten by the vacuum daily.


Parts used:

  • Part of an Expedit desk as the table" (used the rest for something else) @ 50$
  • A 2x4x10 from Lowes fro the table legs @ 4$
  • Some wood moulding(Lowes) for the borders - ~ 4 x 8' long peces @ 3$
  • Some glue (used adhesive caulk)
  • Some Lego base plates
  • Some black paint (Valspar Enamel)

  • Nails + hammer (for moulding)
  • paintbrush (to paint moulding)
  • screwdriver + screws (for table legs)


I didn't take as many detailed assembly Pictures because i was in a rush to finish this for christmas (started on the 23rd smile )

  • First I made legs for the "table" from 2x4's. They are glued and screwed to the underside of the table. See the picture.
  • Then I painted the legs black
  • I cut the moulding to size and painted it black
  • Cut, glued and nailed the moulding to the top of the table and Expedit bookshelves.
  • Installed lego base plates and glued them (lightly).
  • Installed the storage bins and that's about it.






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