J2EE / Java Consulting and Development

We have been working with Java for a very long time, starting in 1997.

That includes lead development on ViewletBuilder(formerly Leelou) starting in 1998 and attending the early Javaone events.

ViewletBuilder made heavy use of applets(later flash) and was one of the first successful Java desktop application.
The early version used AWT and later SWT.

We also worked on many server side products as well, including in-house CRM type tools and the like. And ran all the company sites on java based platforms using Tomcat, Jboss, velocity, JDBC, Servlets, JSP and more.

Starting in 2002 we conceived and developed viewletcentral a content management solution integrated with ViewletBuilder(client / server). That involved a full J2EE server & application built atop tomcat using velocity, SOAP and more.

From 2005 to 2011 we worked on heavy customization of E-commerce solutions built on the SAP ISA/CRM platform for PacificCoast.com. That included using the whole array of SAP Java solutions for E-Commerce: Internet sales(ISA), Pricing engine(IPC), Developer infrastructure(NWDI and custom), CRM and overall work on the SAP Netweaver patform, including some installation and administration.

We also developed a Netbeans plugin for the Fantom programming language, which has quiet a large code base.

We did some work for Teachscape starting in 2011, including developing using many modern Java frameworks and tools such as Guice, Neo4J, Maven, JQuery, MongoDB and more.

So when it comes to Java we have a very long and broad experience from high tech startup projects to large scale enterprise software, both cient and server side.

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