Most commercial work that I have done cannot be shown, but scroll down to see some of my open source projects.

Proprietary work

BassG: (2011-present):

Worked on many projects, including Projectuilder+
Also did work for many customers such as Skyspark extensions, custom Fantom applications

Worked on several Axon projects including over 30 sparks and 80 axon functions for some very large companies.

Pacific Coast Feather Co: (2005 - 2011):

SAP ISA / CRM implementations. Java and E-Commerce.
While I can't show the work I did there, you can see the end results such as the
http://www.pacificcoast.com/ site, which runs on SAP ISA/CRM.

You can also find a lot of notes and blog entries I posted during that time about Java SAP work:

Qarbon.com : (1998 - 2005):

I was lead developer on the Java based Leelou / ViewletBilder product during that time period.

I also wrote from scratch the ViewletCentral product on a Java/Tomcat/MySql base.

I also served as the system and database administrator for many years while the company was in infancy mode.

Opensource work

I have worked on a several opensource projects in a variety of languages such as Java, Fantom and Python with a bit of Ruby and Node.js thrown in there.

Here are some of those projects:


FantoRepo is meant to be a public/private repositories of Fantom pods

You can view the souce code here: https://bitbucket.org/status302/fantorepo302/src


Camembert is a lightweight IDE written in Fantom. It was originally designed for Fantom projects but I am in the
process of making it a more general as a good lightweight and effective Code editor for a variet of languages.

See the source code here

I also made a custom addon to work with Axon code and Skyspark instances: axon_plugin


This is both a Netbeans plugin and a standalone application based on the Netbeans RCP platform, written in Java.
It provides full support for the Fantom programming language including completion and many other features.
This is a fairly large project.

You can see the Java sources here


Fantomato is a wiki/site/blog engine written in Fantom.
It has many features including rendering pages in Markdown, Dokuwiki or HTML syntax.
It is a partial port/rewrite of my previous Java blog engine called jotwiki which was implemented in java.

Sources of the new implementation in Fantom
Sources of the older Java implementation


Berry4All is/was a tethering solutions for Blackberry phones.
It is written in Python. I chose python for this project because I needed a mix of low level access(USB) and multiplatform support.

It is probably not the code I'm the most proud of because by it's nature it had to be a bit hacky(reverse engeneering of protocol).

On the other it had been quite popular with ten of thousands of downloads.

The source code is available here


MameChose is a Mame(Arcade game emulator) frontend.
It allows quick indexing / searching / launching of an arcade game collection(roms).

It is dsigned to have a simple but effective interface that is used only with a joystick and a few buttons.

The interface is also designed to scale so it can work as well on all arcade monitors(<320x260) as on latest LCD's with a high resolution.

See the source code here

Sap Tomcat

Sap Tomcat is a bunch of work I did to allow to run the SAP B2B and B2C java applications
on a much lighter opensource stack of Tomcat or Jetty + MySql or H2 .

The standrad SAP web server can be extremely frustrating for development as it's extremely slow to redeploy an application.

This allowed greatly enhanced developer productivity as well as used of standard tooling (IDE, debuggers, profilers and so on).

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