SkyFoundry & Fantom Consulting and Development

We have been active in the Fantom Community since early 2008 and developed the first full featured IDE for Fantom and also the Camembert Fantom/Axon IDE along with many other open source Fantom projects.

That's over 4 years of heavy Fantom development experience.

We have also worked on several Skyfoundry / Skyspark projects.

That includes work on BassG ProjectBuilder+ , an application written in the Fantom language that greatly helps managing Skyspark projects and records.

We also worked on software for other clients including writing Axon functions, Sparks as well as some Skyspark extensions and connectors.

We have also built standalone software communicating with a Skyspark instance over the REST API's as well as direct communication with Skyspark & Obix servers.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next Skyfoundry, Skyspark, Fantom or Axon project development and consulting needs.


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